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Thank you so much for joining our us at Get Results PT (AKA GRPT). We’re very thrilled to have you on board and looking forward to helping you achieve your goals and make permanent changes to your fitness and life. You have no idea how much we want to make a difference to your life like we have done for many of our GRPT crew. If you have not already know, we are here to provide proven and evidence-based approach to get you into the best shape possible. It is not just losing the extra kilos or looking all pretty which you will, it is about training for the most useful body you ever have. Train for a body that actually works.

And most importantly, be Stronger for Life. And be Stronger For Life I don’t mean be the Strongest person in the world.

I mean be mentally strong and not allow yourself to back off from challenges that face you now such as changing your life for the better and living your life to the fullest. We know we can’t live our lives to the fullest if we don’t have our health. And you never know how much impact you will have on someone such as your kids (if you’re parents), your brothers or sisters or even your friends who may look up to you as a big brother or sister. Yes I urge you to make an impact.

Show everyone what you’re made of and make no excuses and lead by example. Walk the path most people would not and be the hero to someone. Everyone needs a hero.

With our Stronger For Life newsletter, its main aim is to educate you on our training methods, provide coaching tips, inspire you with our success stories (we hope you will be one), remind you how important to NOT stop training (whether with us or on your own) and update you from time to time what’s happening at GRPT gym.

Anyway, it’s time to get STRONGER FOR LIFE!

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Just so you know, I’m on the same journey as you. I aim to be a Kick Ass strong old man and someone my son can be proud of and inspiring my wife to train to be healthy and strong.

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Talk to YOU real soon!

TC Lee, BSc (UWA), ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist, PN1
Get Results PT

P.S. I will be in touch very soon via email to share with you some highly recommended stretches to make your hips perform better. Why the hips? Well the hips is your power source to fat loss and strength.
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