Our Training Method
We HATE Exercise Machines

We DON’T LIKE exercise machines such as elliptical trainers or treadmill. And we DON’T LIKE weights machine too such as leg press and smith machine. The reasons are they are (1) NOT functional, (2) does not teach the muscle stabilisers to work which you need in your everyday movement and (3) does not  train your muscles to move your body in the right groove. This is why when you train with us we never use machines. In fact, we have never seen anyone in great shape training solely with exercise machines.

Low Tech Equipment Cutting Edge Training

windmill groupInstead, our preferred way of training is using our functional movements combined with the use of bodyweight, barbells, kettlebells, Lebert Equalizers, Ultimate Sandbag and battling ropes. Although the equipments we used looked much less sophisticated than the exercise machines you see in a typical fitness centre, the training method we used is very cutting-edge. We used advanced lifting techniques to help you developed a strong and resilient body that is functional. We believed that training the body to move in the most functional way should be the priority before anything else and exercise machines cannot do that.

Eliminate Bad Movement Pattern & Improve Movement Quality

We will identify and correct any dysfunctional movement that you have. Basically, we will ensure that you are exercising in the best form possible to ensure exercise safety and not build fitness on “bad” movements. In fact, in every session there is an ongoing assessment of your movements and opportunity to improve the quality of your movements.  So What Do We Mean By “Bad” Movement? If you do squats whether it is bodyweight or barbell backsquat with bad techniques that may potentially hurt your knees and low back, you may get away with it for a short period of time. However, it is only a matter time your knees or low back will hurt as you start progressing to lifting heavier weights and higher volume. This is what we called building fitness on “bad” movement.

We will ensure that you build a strong foundation on safe lifting or exercise techniques. Only when safe & sound techniques are achieved, do we start building up your strength and increasing your fitness. We believed that it is paramount to build a solid level of strength before you can start working on any goals you want be it fat loss or athletic performance. Without good level of strength, it is very hard to push very far in a “workout” when you have wobbly legs and your arms feel like tons of bricks. Think about the time when you have been out of action playing a netball or footy game and started playing the sports after a year or so of lay off. You probably feel that you could have run faster had your legs been stronger and not wobbly. In fact, there are people who thought that they could get in great shape playing sports. The truth is you have to be in great shape to play sports. Especially when you get older, playing intense sports is a recipe for injuries because the body do not have enough strength level to sustain repeated intense muscle contraction to cope with the demand of the sports. It is the same with weight loss. If you need to perform certain type of intense “workout”, first you need to have some level of strength in order to engage in such type of exercise successfully. This is why we strongly recommend building high level of strength before engaging in “workout”.

Structures Programme & Progressive Loading

Our training programmes are structured in a way that you will make progress. If you can’t do a full push up, then you will learn to do a push up from your knees well until you build enough upper body and core strength to do your first full push up. There is no way to get around it. You make the most gain out of training by training at the right level and making progress from there. If you do not possess enough strength to do a full body push up, no matter how hard you push you are just not going to make it.

Build Strength & The Rest Will Follow

ripped bodyUnlike the “Average” personal trainer who are pre-occupied with impressing their clients by inflicting “pain”, making them “sore’ and sometimes “puke”, we are focused on getting our clients stronger and fitter with high quality movement pattern. Usually, most people ended up injured in poorly designed training programme that emphasised in maximising exhaustion and sacrificing safe exercise techniques. In our case, we do not believe in inflicting “pain’ on our clients. We treat our clients with utmost respect and focused on using proven training programmes that will help you build a strong body. When you have a stronger body, it is easier and safer to achieve any fitness goals you have be it weight loss, achieving a ripped body, better sporting performance or all-round fitness.

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