Becoming STRONGER just make it easier to get in shape, lean and lose bodyfat. Just watch the video below and see for yourself. And definitely way more fun and cool to be more obsessed with the weight you lift than being obsessed with the numbers on the scale. 

Do you want to be in the best version of yourself in 90 exactly days? Not just fitting into your previous jeans that you can't wear or losing the extra fat that seems to stick around like your best friend. But actually become stronger and fitter and more confident about yourselves? 

Well it could actually happen to you in the next 90 days potentially just like what happen to our previous participants.

You possibly have tried everything from 28 -Days Rapid Fat Loss (advertised on Facebook), High Intensity Pilates, gym memberships to running. But nothing seem to work.

The hard truth is maybe you need to get stronger. The problem with most program is they don't make you stronger instead constantly make you feel like you got a "great workout" by making you feel smashed after every single training session. Sometimes we want a punishing workout because we subconsciously want to punished ourselves for not having looking ourselves well enough.  But by having a "great workout" don't necessary lead to a stronger, leaner and fitter body. Anyone can make you "tired" or hate exercise. But not anyone can just make you stronger and I mean actually lift more weight.


If you are not getting stronger, you are getting weaker. When you cannot squeeze your muscles hard enough, you will not lift heavy enough to stir up your metabolic rate. Unlike most other short-term transformation programs in Perth that promise quick fixes by delivering so-called HARDCORE Commando-type workout, our Stronger in 90 Days Challenge is about delivering top notch fitness & strength coaching focuses on enhancing human performance. Its aim is NOT about "crushing" you or making you "tired" in every workout. Honestly, anyone can make you tired from workout but not just any coach can make you twice or more as strong and fit than you started. What separates the Stronger in 90 Days Challenge from any others is its highly focused holistic approach to help participants who may or may not have experience with exercise make the best progress possible in 12 weeks. Participants will be shown cutting-edge training techniques used by international fitness & strength expert and be educated what is the best way to train for long-term fat loss success.


Seriously, you can't expect to completely change your body, health and fitness completely in 28 days. And do not be fooled by those 28 Days short-term transformation program as advertised promising a complete overhaul in 28 days.

90 days is just the right amount of time for you to stay consistent with your training program and get the most out of it if you train between 3 to 5 days a week. And it is also a right amount of time for you to develop healthy relationship with your food and exercise.

What You Can Expect in 90 Days

  • Stronger For Life
  • Twice As STRONG
  • Escape the Obsession of Losing Weight on the Scale
  • Lose tummy & Overall Bodyfat
  • Increase Metabolism


Why only 15 spots? BTW, this is not some kind of scarcity tactics to get you on board. At this stage, I can only give my best attention to the first 15 qualified participants who signed up for the challenge and are willing to be lead by the hand and put in their best effort to change their health, body and fitness for the better. If you registered for a spot and qualified to participate in this challenge, you will be sure that I will do my utmost best to get you in top shape. That’s my guarantee to you. I am so confident you will get the results with my 12 week challenge  that I am willing to put the money where the mouth is and offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

100% Money Back Guarantee

We are completely confident that you will lose fat, build lean muscle and be in the best shape of your life as a member of Get Results PT. We are offering you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you follow our plans lay out to you, train hard and not miss any training sessions and you do not see any changes at all in the first 30 days, we will refund every penny of you investment back to you. This is how confident we are with our Get Results PT method that we are putting our money where the mouth is.

If you follow our plan and show up at least 3 sessions a week without fail and put in your best effort in every session, train twice on your own per week based on what we given you and changed your eating habits for the better, submit your food journal every week, participate in the scoring system and you see no results in 30 days. We will be more than happy to refund every dim of your investment back to you. Seriously, you can’t be fairer than this Guarantee.

How Much is This 90 Days Challenge?

If you signed up with a top end Perth personal trainer, you would at least set yourself back at about $100 a session. If you train 3 times a week which is the bare minimal to get you the results, that would be about $1200 a month. In 12 weeks, it will be easily $3600. And that may not include any nutritional guidance. If you train with us for a month for this 12 Week Challenge which guarantees you results if not money back, you will only be paying much less than that. It will be only one-time fee of $850 AUD for 12 weeks. Don't forget you get our online Facebook Support and you are getting top notch coaching that has accumulated many years of experience with a proven track record.

To secure your limited spot, hit the big red Register Button Below:

certified perth personal trainerGet Results PT is a Stronger for Life & Strength gym that is focused on helping its members achieved their potentials in terms of health & fitness. It's founder/strength coach TC, a certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist and PN1 holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Health Science from UWA. He firmly believes that its through strength that everyone can perform optimally in life. Through his approach, he has helped his members achieve amazing goals such as going from achieving zero pull ups to 19, lose more than 30 kg of fat, perform half bodyweight kettlebell presses and pull double-bodyweight deadlift etc.

Our mission is to help you cut through the BS in fitness, saves you valuable time and stop spinning the wheels so that you can perform and look at your best outside your fitness training. To see more success stories, click here.