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Thank you for your interest to find out more about the Stronger For Life Challenge. You could just about to finally get into the best shape of your life!

Stronger For Life Challenge is our flagship program that has helped many of our members get off to a great start. And actually take control of their health and body and be finally at their leanest, sexiest and fittest shape.

How Does It Work?

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About Stronger For Life Gym

smallgrptGet Results PT is Stronger For Life Gym based in Subiaco. It is focused on helping its members achieved their potential in terms of health & fitness. Its founder/strength coach, TC, a certified ACSM Exercise Physiologist and PN1. He also holds a Bachelor Degree in Exercise & Health Science from UWA. He firmly believe that its through strength that everyone can perform optimally in life. Through his approach, he has helped his members achieve amazing goals such as going from achieving zero pull to 19, lose more than 30kg of fat, perform half bodyweight kettlebell press and pull more double-bodyweight deadlift etc.

Our mission is to help you cut through the BS in fitness, saves you valuable time and stop spinning the wheels so that you can perform and look at your best outside your fitness training.

*Terms & Conditions for Refund - If you show up & train no less than 3 times a week at our gym and follow our training and nutritional instructions closely and did not see any results and change in your physiques, we will gladly refund every dim of your investment. Fair enough?