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Time-Tested Program That Gets YOU Leaner, Fitter & Stronger in 12 Weeks
Starts on 18 Jan 2016

What Is Stronger For Life Challenge
perth fitness trainerFrom The Desk of  T C, BSc Hlth & Sp Sci (University of Western Australia)

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Hi there! Thank you for visiting Get Results PT Stronger For Life (SFL) 12-Weeks Challenge webpage. 

Our SFL challenge is not the typical weight loss challenge you can do online or find elsewhere.  Neither is it a Crossfit or Crossfit type training programme. But it has certainly helped many participants achieved their best fitness shape in 12 weeks. But first let me be really radically honest and upfront with you. This is not some kind hypey sales webpage that tells you will lose weight and drop a few dress sizes effortlessly using some special exercise or secret training techniques. If you’re looking for some quick fixes that require almost zero effort from your part, I suggest look elsewhere. 

However, if you are like one of many successfully fit clients we trained at Get Results PT who were getting nowhere and done with  jumping one program to another and decided that it is time to join a proven fitness programme that actually got real people in great fitness shape with time-tested method. Then I have a failed-proof and proven 12-weeks transformation  program for you that will boost your metabolism, improves your self-confidence, become leaner, really fit and strong. And you can finally stop spinning your wheels.

This Is Exactly What Happened To OUR SFL Challenge Participants After Just 12 Weeks

jude perth 12 weeks transformation



katika 12 weeks transformation

fran 12 week transformation


elissa perth 12 weeks stronger for life challengelucking12weeks



Jennifer Thai 12 Week Challenge



Sam Holmes Transformation

Elena Went From Zero Pull Up to 6 Pull Ups in 12 Weeks

elena transform

The Stronger For Life Difference
SFL Challenge Is A Top Notch Coaching Program

What separates the SFL Challenge from any other challenges or transformational programs is its highly focused holistic approach to help participants who may or may not have experience with exercise make the best progress possible in 12 weeks. Its holistic approach entails developing safe & effective exercise techniques,  addressing mobility issues that may hold back performance, nutritional guidance and accountability program that helps you stay on track for 12 weeks. Unlike most weight loss transformation, SFL is about quality over quantity. You will experience one of the best coaching in Perth and learn cutting-edge training techniques used by strength & fitness experts in this SFL program. It is not about doing more reps or how much weight you can lift. It is how you perform your lifts and get the most benefits out of it.

SFL Challenge Is NOT Just About Making YOU Look Your Best YOU Will Perform At Your Best

Unlike most transformation challenge, Stronger For Life Challenge is NOT just about how much weight you lost. Sure you will look great but it is about improving your human performance so you can function at your best outside the training. You will become more useful and be able to play your sports or pick up heavy things from the floor without worrying hurting yourselves. Simply put…your body will not only carry less body fat but also become more resilient (or in other words more injury-proof).

How Does This Stronger For Life 12 -Week Challenge Work?

  • Progressive Functional  Strength Training

You might be wondering why strength training not cardio when you are trying to lose some body fat and fit into a smaller dress size or pants. The answer is very simple – Strength training boost metabolism. A better answer will be functional strength training can boost your metabolism between 16 to 48 hours after training and bullet-proof your body. With our 12 week challenge, you will be trained progressively to develop high level of functional strength not only to boost your metabolism to burn more fat but also prepare your body to do more endurance work with our metabolic conditioning to further boost fat loss. The important thing is our functional strength training is strategically planned and progressive and every effort will be taken to ensure you perform and learn the safest lifting techniques possible to improve performance and prevent injuries.

  • Kettlebells

At Get Results PT, we do use kettlebells a lot and we will be using them in our 12 week challenge. Is there something special with the use of kettlebells? Yes and no. No because it is simply another fitness tool if you do not have the right training concept on how to use the kettlebells. Yes because it is a very versatile fitness tool that is great for building up high level functional strength and cardio fitness that has high carryover effects to many other physical & athletic activities if you know how to use the kettlebells. At Get Results PT, the use of kettlebells has helped many of our clients lose fat and get into top shape. Ever wonder why the top personal trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and elite military forces use kettlebells? Because they worked if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, not everyone really know the best way to use the kettlebells for best results. But at Get Results PT, we refused to short-changed our clients and have gone to the US, spent a fortune and learnt from Pavel Tsatsouline (AKA King of Kettlebell), the best if not one of the best in kettlebell training.

  • High Intensity Metabolic Conditioning

High intensity training has been proven to help fat loss. And our 12 weeks challenge uses high intensity ballistic kettlebell training program to further boost fat loss and metabolism. This is where your functional strength comes in and the very reason why we want to make sure you develop high level of functional strength. If you have not achieve a good level, you simply cannot push longer and harder with high intensity metabolic conditioning. Then you cannot expect your metabolic conditioning to make a big enough impact on your fat loss. Imagine you having high level of strength and just think about how much harder you can push and stir up your metabolism.

  • Metabolic Fat Loss Nutrition

No matter what kind of “workout” you do is not gonna “out-train” poor eating. The bottom line is the right healthy nutritional plan and habits have to be sorted out before the rest can follow. A detailed metabolic fat loss nutrition plan and guide will be given to you to get the fat to start falling off in the first week of training.

  • Accountability & Support (Please read this before signing up)

If you have failed many times before and haven’t got anywhere, it is probably you have not been held accountable and not have the kind of support to lead you to your goals. With this 12 weeks transformation challenge, there is an non negotiable requirement to take pre-challenge measurements such as body fat, weigh in and before photos. As the saying goes “What Get Measured Get Managed”. And there will be fortnightly re-measurement to keep you on track and documented food journal has to be handed in every week to ensure success. And there will be point scoring system to keep you on track. If you cannot see yourself doing all these, we simply cannot take you on board for this 12 week challenge. It just would not work. When you train in a team and like-minded environment, you will get the support and network you need to stay on track. As the saying goes “Birds of A Feather Flock Together”. The chances are you are more likely to succeed in a positive group environment than going alone.

  • Motivational Coaching

The very reason why many people failed to reached their goals is because they are not motivated enough and start making excuses. This is why motivational strategies will be used to get you in the right head space to stay on track for 12 weeks.

What Can You Expect from SFL 12 -Weeks Challenge About?

  • Lose dress or pant sizes
  • Lose body fat and look leaner
  • Lose tummy fat
  • Become badass fit and strong (What’s the point of looking great and not looking the part?)

Here is a few videos what our clients can do? 

Only 15 Spots Available
Why only 15 spots? BTW, this is not some kind of scarcity tactics to get you on board. At this stage, I can only give my best attention to the first 15 qualified participants who signed up for the challenge and are willing to be lead by the hand and put in their best effort to change their health, body and fitness for the better. If you registered for a spot and qualified to participate in this challenge, you will be sure that I will do my utmost best to get you in top shape. That’s my guarantee to you. I am so confident you will get the results with my 12 week challenge  that I am willing to put the money where the mouth is and offer you a 30-day money back guarantee. Get Results PT Money Back Guaranteed If you follow our plan and show up at least 3 sessions a week without fail and put in your best effort in every session, train twice on your own per week based on what we given you and changed your eating habits for the better, submit your food journal every week, participate in the scoring system and you see no results in 30 days. We will be more than happy to refund every dim of your investment back to you. Seriously, you can’t be fairer than this Guarantee.

Seriously, we absolutely hate to muck people around. When the training starts, we mean business. Please ABSOLUTELY DO NOT Sign Up for this challenge if you are thinking about  how you can get the Refund right now. It will NOT work for you because you are looking for ways to get your money back now and you will NOT try hard enough for this program to work. So please do not waste yours and my time and move on to somewhere else. This is a program for people who are willing to pay for a fair service. 


Do You Have What It Takes To Do The 12 Week Leaner Fitter Stronger Challenge?
I would hate to waste your time. So before you sign up, please make sure you are able to meet the requirements to do this challenge below:

  • Able to train at least 3 times a week
  • Change your eating habits and follow our nutritional plan
  • Submit your completed food journal on a weekly basis
  • Do pre-12 Week Challenge measurements such as before photos, body fat level, weigh in etc
  • Participate in our scoring system
  • Do extra training session on your own when asked
  • Join our special Closed Facebook group for this Challenge and participate in the group
How Much Is The 12 Week Challenge And How Do I Sign Up?
If you signed up with a top end Perth personal trainer, you would at least set yourself back at about $100 a session. If you train 3 times a week which is the bare minimal to get you the results, that would be about $1200 a month. In 12 weeks, it will be easily $3600. And that may not include any nutritional guidance. If you train with us for a month for this 12 Week Challenge which guarantees you results if not money back, you will only be paying much less than that. It will be a one time fee of $850 AUD.

To Secure Your Spot, Please Follow The Steps Below…

Step 1: Register Online (Scrolled Down to Register)

Step 2: Schedule Your Personal Fitness Consultation & Assess If You Are Good Fit For This Program

Step 3: Attend At Least 3 Sessions A Week of Training If You Are In. (Please don’t sign up if you can’t attend 3 sessions a week)

Here’s Our Schedule & Address

To secure your spot online, please choose from the following 2 options and click on the big orange “Register Now” button.

12 Week Leaner Fitter Stronger Challenge Registration
Please read 12 Week Challenge Requirements above Before You Register 12 Week Challenge Starts on 18 Jan 2016

12 Week Challenge Fee: $850

Call 0420 280 919 for  Credit Card Billing Over the Phone Or Simply Just Sign Up By Hitting The Red Button Below: 

Committed To Your Transformational Success,

T C Lee, Get Results PT, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008

PS. Remember there is no risk on your part. Your investment is fully protected by our 30-Days MONEY BACK Guarantee. So just click the RED button above and start getting the best body in your life.

PSS. If you have read this far and still unsure and still have some doubts and like to know more, please feel free to call me personally on 0430 280 919 or email me at getresultspt[at] I’ll personally answer any questions  you have.

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