Mates Don't Let Mates Get Weak In Winter

Mates Don’t Let Mates Get Winter Weak Registration Page.

Your mate obviously cares about you and wants you to get fitter over the winter and become leaner, fitter and stronger by the end of winter. And your mate thinks you are cool and a great fit to train with us. We will be taking great care of you because your friend thinks you’re cool. We will be contacting you within 24 hours once you have completed the form on the right. Be aware that you will only get your 1 week of training which is limited to 3 sessions within the given week you choose to start. Be sure to put your friends name down or we won’t be calling you. Please see terms and conditions below for more information.

Before you register yourself for the Special Offer and get more information about our program, be sure to check that you meet the following requirements.

  • You’re not a flaker who bails out easily
  • You really want to get into great shape and get really fit
  • Apply only if you see exercise as part of your lifestyle¬†& not short-term fix
  • Willing to commit to learning good & safe exercise techniques
  • Be able to train at least 3 times a¬†week
  • You must live in Perth
  • You have not previously participate in any of our fitness training program
Terms & Conditions Apply: There will be strictly no replacement for missed sessions.