Recruiting Experimental Subjects for Plan Strong Experimental Program Writing


ATTENTION experienced lifters looking to PB!

This is TC (Click here to learn more about me). I am looking for 5 experienced lifters to be my experimental subjects to help me hone my skills in writing strength training program based on what I learnt from Plan Strong Seminar at no cost. Yes it is at no cost to you but you have to follow this highly customized program written specifically for you for 8 weeks and report back about how you go with the training.

Why Be A Experimental Subject Of This Plan Strong Experimental Program Writing?

Plan Strong seminar is taught by StrongFirst Chairman Pavel Tsatsouline. According to the Plan Strong manual, Plan Strong is a general  strength training system faithfully adapted from the Soviet weightlifting methology that produced  records that still stand. Personally, I had experienced the Plan Strong system which has helped me PBed. I was intrigued by how this system actually works. So I took the trouble to fly from Perth to Portland where the 2nd Plan Strong seminar was held in 27th March and learnt. To learn more what this Plan Strong System is about, click this link.

In short, the Plan Strong system should help you achieved your next PB in your lift.

However, the learning process is not quite complete until I get to write it for someone else who is going to use it. Therefore, I am offering my time to anyone who is willing to fully commit to follow a highly individualized 8-week strength program using the Plan Strong system. And the benefit for the experimental subject is a possible PB in the chosen strength lift.

Just to be clear…this is NOT a hands-on coaching program meaning I will not be there watching and telling you how to lift. We will be communicating via email possibly through Skype to find out about all the details I need to write the best program for you. Once the program is written and sent to you, you need to perform them on your own.

What Do a Experimental Subjects Need to Do?
  • Perform the chosen lifts at least 3 times a week for 8 straight weeks according to the program
  • Record their training on a training journal
  • Get back to me at the end of 8 weeks how they went
  • Possibly communicate during the course of 8 weeks
So Who Can Apply?

Anyone who lives anywhere on planet earth and has been lifting consistently for 1 to 2 years at least, have good lifting techniques and have access to training equipment. This is definitely not for someone who just started lifting, having current injuries, inconsistent with training or have no idea how they lift.

This experimental program will be focused on ONLY ONE strength lift of your choice and they are as followed:

  • Bench Press
  • Kettlebell Presses
  • Back Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Weighted Pull-Ups
  • Weighted Pistol
BTW, Who Should Absolutely NOT Apply for This?

If you are gonna take up this great offer and NOT use or follow the program written specially for you, please ABSOLUTELY do not waste my precious time and apply. You will be taking someone else’s spot who wants to PB in his next lift. And waste my precious time writing a program for you that you cannot do or follow. Yes I will be annoyed.

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