Looking for a Perth Personal Trainer That Has Proven Track Record of Helping Local Residents Lose Fat, Become Leaner and Fitter?

perth fitness trainerFrom The Desk of  T C Lee, Certified Perth Personal Trainer

BSc Hlth & Sp Sci (University of Western Australia)
Certifed ACSM (American College School Medicine) Health Fitness Specialist
Certified Russian Kettlebell Challenge Level 2 Instructor
Certified StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor

Hi there! Thanks for visiting this webpage but first let me be really honest and upfront with you. This is not some hypey sales webpage that tells you how easy it is to lose weight and get in shape using some special exercise techniques or diet pills. I’m so tired of hearing all this B.S. that I am gonna tell you right now that there is no Magic Bullet. 

If you are looking for a trainer to babysit you, entertain you with circus type training, or looking for a boot camp that makes you feel like you got hit by a trunk but you never actually end up looking better, fitter and stronger…. Then this program is NOT for you.

But if you are looking for a results-driven & proven fitness training program that is going to cut straight to the chase, actually get you in shape, lose body fat, make you fitter, stronger, ripped and feel like a million buck, I got good news for you.

At Get Results PT, we have been responsible for getting hundreds of people in Perth into better shape with our time-efficient and yet effective training method. In fact, it is very simple that you can stop spinning your wheels and start getting results.

Our simple and yet proven Get Results PT Method has got many people in Perth in great shape. Just to clarify….when I say “simple” I don’t mean it’s “easy”. If it was easy, everybody would be in great shape. Yes it would require some sort of consistent effort and but it won’t be wasted effort and it would be totally worth it.

BTW, talk is cheap right? Here’s my proof of clients who are just like you getting into better shape and achieving a fitter body using our training method…

perth personal trainer

personal trainer perth

perth personal training

So What Is This Simple & Yet Effective Get Results PT Method About?

So what do all these guys and girls you seen at the top have in common?

They got some serious life-changing results by training smart and hard with our simple Get Results PT Method which consist of the following 3 components:

  • Strength Training With Kettlebells

perth kettlebell trainingFirst off…if you want your metabolism to start kicking into high gear and start burning some serious fat you got to do some serious lifting and not just lifting puny little dumbbells. It’s just not going to work if you go easy on strength training. There has to be a certain level of intensity for it to work. This is why our program will have the intense strength training component.

And kettlebell is our preferred tool due to its high versatility and it is a great strength training tool if you know how to use it. The great news is at Get Results PT we do know how to use them very well. And we do body weight exercise as well.

If you are woman thinking that strength training is going to make you bulky and less feminine, there is no truth in that. In fact, the ladies at Get Results PT who are in great shape actually lift heavy and they look every bit like a woman.

  • General Conditioning Training With Kettlebells

Kettlebells training will give you lung of steels and this is another great reason we used the kettlebells. There is no need to do the long slow cardio which burns up more of your time than your body fat.

If you are in any kind of athletic pursuit be it martial arts, golf or sports that requires high power from the hips, the kettlebell training is going to make you better and a more powerful athlete.

  • Metabolic Eating Plan

The truth is you can train all you want and have the best training plan but you will never really get into your best shape.

At Get Results PT, there is no calorie counting, no starving and no diet pills. You will be provided with the resources and education to eat for fat loss and better health.

“Ian Lost 25kg in 13 Weeks”“Chris Lost Her Tummy Fats”“Great For Couple Wanting to Get In Shape”“Claire Lost 6.5kg in 6 Weeks”
Why Do Our Clients Get Results?

If you think it is the kettlebell that got our clients in shape, then you are wrong. It is way more than just the kettlebells.

Our Get Results PT clients could be just like YOU who may have tried the gym membership but end up being one that pays but did not show up or have used a Perth personal trainer and did not get anywhere close to their best shape in their lives. So why did it work this time for them?

It is very simple. These smart individuals decided that they have done enough with all the bullcrap ill-advised fitness tips, stop jumping from one program to another and quit looking for the shortcuts and join our Get Results PT programme which has proven track record of getting people in shape.

Why would you keep spinning your wheels when there is a proven program that can get you fitter, stronger, leaner and ripped?

Why Would It Work This Time For You?

Here are the reasons why it will work this time for you if you are dead serious about your health & fitness.

      • Structured & Individualised Program

This is NOT a one-size-fits-all program seen in your Daily deals or $10 per session type of boot camp training or low end personal training services. Your training program will be individualised to you and structured to your fitness level. Think about it… how would you expect to make progress in your fitness if there is no training plan or if you train haphazardly?

      • Highly Qualified Personal Trainers

Your Perth personal trainers at Get Results PT are not only experienced in getting in shape they also hold University sports & exercise science degrees and several well-known personal training certifications. If you are looking for results, would it not make sense to train with someone who has the track record and the knowledge base to know what they are doing?

      • Passionate Fitness Coaches

At Get Results PT, our Perth personal trainers are passionate fitness coaches who cares about your well-being and results. Unlike the typical fitness centres or unmotivated personal trainers that you might have come across, we do not treat our clients like another number. This is why we are very particular about your form with exercises and always make sure you exercise with the safest technique possible even though we train you hard.

      • Accountability & Support

When it comes to getting the results, you got to measure and track progress. This is why you see that this webpage is filled with before and after picture. In fact, there is more but there is so much we can put up. Because we want to get you some awesome results, we will get you measured up before you start the program so you can get an idea what is your goal.

“Lost 7kg in 38 Days”“Chez Lost 4kg in 2 Weeks”“Philips Lost 7.6kg in 6 weeks”“Great for couple getting in shape for wedding”
Get Results PT Method Is NOT For Everybody

Although our Get Results PT Training Method has been responsible for getting many people in Perth ripped, stronger, healthier and leaner, it is NOT a program for anyone who wants to sign up for it. The truth is everyone of our clients who did our Get Results PT Training Method follows our program to the tee, follow our guidance faithfully, developed better lifestyle habits, eat better quality food and show up at training with the best attitude for training.

So am I trying to say here?

What I am saying here is I do understand that there are individuals who do not believe in hard work and always looking for the holy grail or magic bullets. If you are still looking for short-cuts or not ready to abandon all the ineffective training method you are doing right now we are NOT for you. Plus, we only take on limited number of clients to maintain the quality of our training.

However, if you think you have what it takes to do our No Nonsense & Straight to the chase Get Results PT Training Program, we want want YOU and we want to get you in the best shape of your life. 
Truth About Get Results PT Method

  • The training will be challenging but not impossible
  • You have to put in consistent effort to get the results you want and cannot expect results to come if you start skipping sessions
  • Training are scientific-based and proven to work if you follow our directions
  • We only accept the committed clients who are ready to change their lifestyle for the better
  • If you are ready to get into shape, lose weight, drop dress sizes and be very fit, NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION. There is no tomorrow as tomorrow will never come.  Just click on the Red “Register Now” button below to set up your consultation.


If you are sick and tired of getting nowhere with what you are doing right now and want to start participating in a scientific and proven program that has been getting local Perth residents just like YOU in shape.

Here is the deal…

Click on the “CLICK HERE” button below which will lead you to an online registration form. Complete the online form to set up your 30-minutes complimentary Body Transformation Consultation and I will get back to you within the next 48 hours. In the consultation, you can find out more about training and what is involved specifically in the program.

perth personal trainer consultation

I am sure by now you would be asking “How much is this going to cost?” It is a fair question to ask. But a much better question to ask is how much are you getting out of this entire fitness program? 

I hope your health is well worth more than $500? Or more? I hope it’s worth more.

Think about the time you have wasted your money on diet pills, treadmills your never really used more than 5 times, or a Perth personal trainer that just stood there and count your reps with no interest in you getting into better shape? Or some ab machine you bought watching some late night infomercials?

But what I can tell you is our prices are NOT the lowest in Perth. And sometimes our prices can make potential customers jaws drop to the floor. But these are people who are looking for short-cuts and do not really care about their personal health and fitness and probably looking at some low end personal training services. And that is NOT YOU.

The very reason why we have people who hold professional jobs such as medical doctors or lawyers come to us is because we refused to settle for mediocre results. We just refused to short-change our clients and we constantly revolving in our training approach so that we can become better fitness coaches. By becoming better coaches, we know that our clients can get the best results. They do not only look better they also improve their fitness tremendously and do it in the safest way possible to achieve the best results.

I can’t exactly tell you how much it is to cost you per month as it depends on several factors such as your goals, the program you choose and how many days you are going to train. But what I can tell you is you will be making a worthwhile monthly investment that will change your body, your health and fitness for the better. When we sit down for a consultation, we will go through the programs we offered and find the best fit for you and I am so sure that our Get Results PT program is the best program you ever experienced.

perth personal trainer consultation

  1. You are looking for a pay-as-go $10 per session boot camp in Perth or $20 Unlimited sessions  per month personal training Daily Deals that get you to run laps, jumping jacks and burpees in the local park.
  2. You are not really sure if you can commit to the training and thinking about trying out for a few sessions and bail out because you are a program hopper (This is the very reason why many people never got in shape. If you really want to get in shape once and for all, you got to take the plunge and give the program a good run.)
  3. You want guaranteed results, achieve elite fitness level and only willing pay “cheapskate” price.
  4. You just want to exercise, not put in effort and not really interested in achieving high level fitness
  5. You are just so used to mediocrity and feel uncomfortable to take the plunge and change your life for the better and achieving the body you deserved knowing many of our clients in Perth before you have done it. (Yes it’s not easy to break the vicious cycle that has set you back but as long as you take action now and come in to speak with us we can help you.)

However, if you are serious and care about your body, health and fitness as much as we do at Get Results PT , then what are you waiting for?

It is about time to take the plunge and give yourself a chance and pay us a visit and see what we can do for you.

See You At Get Results PT,

T C Lee

P.S. You have nothing to lose as your investment is fully protected by our 30 Days Money Back Guaranteed. If you follow our plans lay out to you, train hard and not miss any training sessions and you don’t see any changes at all in the first 30 days, I will refund every penny of your investment back to you. This is how confident in our Get Results PT method that it will get you results that I am putting my money where the mouth is.

P.S.S. Remember that your first consultation is FREE and there is no obligation to sign up. It is a great way for you to find out more about us at Get Results PT and for us to find out if we are good fit. If you are motivated and have genuine interest to commit to a proven program, then we want YOU.

P.S.S.S. If you have read this far and know that deep down you are up for this proven program and ready to lose bodyfat, drop pant sizes or dress sizes and become a super fit version of yourself, what are you waiting for? Just hit the red “Register Now” Button below and complete the online registration form and we will see you at our gym office at Get Results PT.

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Get Results PT is a Perth Personal Training Studio that is based in Perth that offers results-based program.