Perth Basic Kettlebell Workshop

Learn from double certified & Experienced Perth Kettlebell Instructor How To Safely & Properly Use The Kettlebells To Your Advantage & STOP Wasting Your Time Dabbling With Kettlebells With Minimum Or Little Results. And Start Getting Stronger, Leaner & Fitter With Kettlebells.

Why Do This Perth Kettlebell Workshop

Unlike most kettlebell Perth workshops in Perth, you won’t be taught a dozen or more kettlebell exercises that will leave you more overwhelmed and confused on how you could put them together & get the best of what you learnt. Let’s be honest… how is it possible that you can get proficient and master the subtleties of the kettlebell lifts all in a few hours when you have to learnt a dozen of kettlebell lifts? We have people who have done other 2-days kettlebell certification workshops in Perth, got certified as advanced kettlebell instructor and still came to us to learn the proper techniques of using the kettlebells. The fact is you will not get the best use of the kettlebells unless you got proper techniques in place.

In this kettlebell wokshop, there will be razor shape focus to teach and make sure you master as much as you could in the following kettlebell lifts;

1. Turkish Get Up

2. Hardstyle Kettlebell Swings

3. Goblet Squats

4. Military Press

Perth Kettlebell Workshop Details

To be disclosed soon.