Premium Online Coaching With TC

5 Spots Available ONLY

Due to unprecedented demand, I am finally offering my premium online coaching for the most serious applicants. Over the years, I had to turn down requests to train prospective clients due to the following common reasons:

  • Lives too far or move away
  • Simply do not have time to make it to the gym and need to train at home to save time
  • Could not afford the on-going fee of training with me in person at Get Results PT gym
  • My busy schedule simply do not allow me to fit in that person

And I was asked to provide remote online training and I had declined because the timing was not right. I wanted to test out a few more things and make sure I am better at fitness programming.  I did not feel the timing was right to do so with many things that were on hands. If I was going to deliver this service, I want to make sure that I give my best to my online students and that they get the same kind of awesome results my face-to-face clients are getting. And now... I am ready to take on only 5 serious students who are serious about working towards their health & fitness goals be it fat loss or strength gain. 

This Is NOT Some Cut & Paste Fitness Programme

This is NOT going to be programs pulled out of the latest edition of some health & fitness magazine. It will be your own personalised and customised-to-YOU Training Program designed by me using my best knowledge, observation & experience. Everytime, you step into the gym and start your training with your personalised program in your hand you know you are on a program that leads you down on a straight path. There is no guess work. Just do the work and start making progress like the people I personally train in my gym. 

Can This Work For YOU? 

Yes you may have not seen me in person and never personally got any training under my guidance. But we can certainly tap on the latest technology we have now these days to ensure you get the best coaching from me. There will be an initiation evaluation which allows you and me to ascertain your suitability, your goals and needs. And if we are good fit, we will set upon the path that gets you to your goals. 

To apply for one of the 5 premium online coaching spots, please complete the following online form

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Are You Happy with your looks, fitness and overall health?

On scale of 1 to 10, how serious are you about achieving your fitness goals? 1 being the least serious and 10 being the most serious. (BTW, I won't be contacting you if your seriousness about application is less than 8. Seriously, why are you applying for this if you're not serious.)

How did you hear about this online coaching?

Are you willing to commit 100% of your best effort & kick butt in this premium online coaching program?

Please be aware that it may take us up to 48 hours to get back to you due to high volume of training. However, we will do our very best to get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.