Are YOU Ready to be Mum STRONG?

Being a mum is probably the toughest gig in the world. It is both mentally & physically demanding.  And very often most mums would just give up and end up being unfit, weak and eventually gain unwanted fat.

The truth is you simply can't afford to be unfit and put your health last. Your kids need you not just to be there but to be the hero to them. You can't afford to let them down.

The great news is being a mum does not mean you're doomed to sacrifice your health & body if you have a good plan.

In fact, we at, Get Results PT, can help you not only reclaim your body we will make you a stronger & fitter mum.

Imagine how having a stronger & fitter body can help you cope so much better in your parenthood life running after your young children on top of the house chores...and how you can become the leaner, fitter & stronger version of yourself. And most importantly become the healthier & energised version of yourself.

How Do We Get You Leaner, Fitter & Stronger?

We have proven track record & cutting-edge technique of getting many women in Perth across a broad age group not only getting into their best shape of their lives probably the strongest they ever been. To see proof, click here.

It's like gaining a newfound Super Power like a super hero.

We got ladies pulling more than 100kg deadlift, do more than 10 pull ups and swing the 48kg kettlebell.

Why Get So Strong You May Ask?

The fact is STRONG allows you to build more lean muscles that are more energy costly to maintain which means your metabolism is faster and you will get in shape easier and better. Unlike being on yoyo diet or diet pill, it does not do your metabolism any harm.

And becoming stronger not only will help you lose bodyfat and become leaner it makes you more useful and function better as a mum.

If YOU are ready to be MUM STRONG, start feeling more energised, lose bodyfat and be the best version of yourself, complete the application below & We will speak to you very soon! 

This isn't for everybody...


Sorry to be blunt...unfortunately this program is not for everybody. When we train someone, we need to make sure we are on the same page in terms of your training objective to ensure this program can work best for you. In other words, we need to click as a team so that everyone can be inspired to work at their best and work effectively towards their goals.

If you're looking for:

  • Quick Fixes
  • To become super skinny
  • Only to talk during training
  • Just pay for a service and not do your part
  • To quit after a couple of weeks when things don't go your way
  • Whinges at every little effort you have to put into training


Then this is not for you.

Are You the Perfect Candidate?


However, if you are ready to do the following:

  • Take personal ownership of your health & body
  • Not fall another fad
  • Not give up easily at every little obstacles you have to face
  • Work hard & be consistent with training
  • Ready to change your lifestyle to accommodate your goals


We want to meet you and help you get into the best shape of your life in a sustainable manner. If you think you got what it takes to be MUM STRONG, please apply below:

To Apply For Mum STRONG Program, Complete Application Form Below!