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Welcome To Get Results PT Webpage

perth personal trainerFROM: T C Lee,  BSc (UWA),
SFG II Kettlebell Instructor
RKC II Certified
ACSM HFS Certified

Dear friend,

If you are sick and tired of jumping from one Perth fitness centre or boot camp to another and still not getting the kind of results you want… Then it’s about time you experience the jaws dropping results our clients at Get Results PT are getting.

Is it really possible to boost your metabolism, lose fat, lean up, become fitter and stronger all at the same time in just 90 days? How about I say that my team at Get Results PT and myself could get you there in less time you need with a “regular” Perth personal trainer.

I know you will be very skeptical as this is a bold claim. Hey! It’s normal to be skeptical. I would be if I someone told me that they have a sure shot approach to get toned and lose weight. I mean there is so many personal trainers in Perth that would “claim” to give you the results. I mean talk is cheap. It’s the RESULTS that count right? How about my MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

Hi my name is TC Lee. I am a Certified Perth Personal Trainer and owner of Get Results PT based in Perth. You may have heard of me over the radio or seen me in the local papers The West. We have been running personal training sessions and teaching kettlebells to more than 1000 of people in Perth and successfully helped many people just like you get into the best shape of their lives becoming leaner, fitter and stronger.

perth personal training

So How Can I Make Such A Bold Claim & Offer a MONEY BACK Guarantee?


We DO NOT use generic training programme found in magazines or used by other personal trainers that is “one-size-fits-all” approach that has failed many people who tried personal training. And we wondered why so many people drop out from the gym and personal training.

The truth is there Is NO One-Size-Fits-All Approach To Fat Loss & Fitness. If there is, everyone can simply get in shape doing Zumba, BodyPump or sign up for a gym membership to get in shape.

Neither do we put you in some fad training method or contraption that is of no use to your fitness goal. We’re not rep counters or clip board holders as well.

Our mission is to cut straight to the chase, stop mucking around with stuff that does not work and provide you a comprehensive & personalised step-by-step solution that takes the guess work out and help you achieve the best body you can ever achieve.

Talk is cheap right? And I understand just like you…I have been scammed online many times and it is smart to be cautious nowadays. Check out the real proof below about what our clients who were just like you said about our Get Results PT Method…

“The Results Speaks For Themselves! Lost 25kg in 13 Weeks. Can’t Be Any Better Than That”

“I got a much flatter tummy”

“I Lost 7kg in 38 Days!”

“Get Results PT Training Is Great For Couple”

“I Lost 7.6kg of Fat in 6 Weeks!”

“I Lost 6kg in 12 Weeks Using The Kettlebells Training Only 3 Times A Week!”

perth personal trainer consultation

The Truth Behind Get Results PT Clients’ Fitness Success

If you are thinking that there is some kind of “Magic Bullet” or “Short-Cuts” to our clients’ amazing fitness success, then I will have to tell you upfront now that this is not a “Lose Weight Fast in 14 Days” scammy type of program seen commonly on infomercials or on the internet. Get Results PT Method involves hard work, self-discipline, strong motivation “Not To Give Up” and high level of accountability. These are the very reasons why Get Results PT clients achieve high level of fitness success. If you are looking for the “Magic Pill” to your problems, I suggest that you move on.

However, if you are willing to take your health, fitness and body seriously like we do and put in some serious effort, we are here to show you the way, give you the necessary guidance and massive amount of encouragement so you can stop spinning your wheels and start doing getting the type of body and health you want.

So What Is This Get Results PT Method…

Here are the reasons why it will work this time for you if you are dead serious about your health & fitness.

      • Training For Functional Strength

Instead of training body parts like a typical bodybuilder, we train for functional fitness at Get Results PT. When you train for functional strength, you will not only work more body parts at one time you will burn more calories and boost metabolism. And when we say we train for strength we mean we lift some serious weight to put the body under intense load to kick the metabolism into high gear. Just look at some of our very lean female clients’ strength training video clips on your right.

      • Kettlebells Training With Cutting Edge Method

It is no secret that kettlebells are our favoured strength training tool. It is an extremely versatile tools used by many world champions. But not knowing how to use one of the best training tools around is useless. The great thing is our trainers are well-trained in the use of the kettlebells to help our clients build high level of fitness and get great fat loss results.

      • Metabolic Conditioning

High intensity training has been found scientifically proven to help fat loss and boost metabolism. At Get Results PT, we used ballistic kettlebells moves to kick your metabolism into higher gear.

      • Metabolic Eating

Without the right nutrition, you can train as hard as you want and you will not get anywhere near the body and fitness you want. That is why we help our clients get the eating right for fat loss and better health.

“Girl doing 24kg Turkish Get Up”“Girl Swinging 32kg Kettlebell”“Girl Doing 9 Pull Ups”“Great for couple getting in shape for wedding”

perth personal trainer lose 10kg in 12 weeks

“I can’t thank the personal trainers from Get Results Personal Training on how they had helped me changed my life around. I had been overweight for most of my younger years and I had tried other personal trainers before. But it did not work for me.

After training with them for 12 weeks, I have lost 10kg and 11.6% of body fat in 12 weeks and later I became a Personal trainer in a Perth fitness centre”.

Shari Teoh,

Certified Perth Personal Trainer, WA 6000

see abs in 12 weeksnedlands resident get six pack abs

“As a mother of 2 small children, I never really thought that I would see my abs again. I had lost motivation to exercise and was tired most of the time. I had previously worked out in gyms, doing weights and different fitness classes but was disillusioned with the results.

With Get Results Personal Training mobile personal trainer, I am feeling more toned and seeing fantastic results from only 30 minutes of PT sessions 3 to 4 times a week. Who would believe you could get results from a 30 minute training session! With a bit of hard work and commitment, I got the results. No more excuses for me.”

Dr Chris Davies
Nedlands Resident WA 6009


lost 7.6kg in 6 weeks doing perth personal traininglose tummy fat

“I had tried many kinds of fad diets out there and lost a lot of weight but only to gain them all back. I felt that I was unhealthy and my metabolism was slower. It was just weight loss before with no emphasis on overall fitness and health.”

With Get Results Personal Training personal trainers, I am getting the fitness and fat loss results I want and could not be happier with 7.6kg of fat loss in 6 weeks.I am so much more healthier now.

Philips Mackie

perth man lost 12.6kg in 6 weeks

perth bloke lost 12.6kg in 6 weeks doing personal training
“I had signed up for a gym membership but did not work for me. Since using Get Results Personal Training personal trainer for 6 weeks, I have lost 12.6 kg of fat already. My blood pressure and cholesterole level have all gone down.

With Get Results Personal Training, they motivate me, keep me focused, accountable, teach me how to eat better and train for the best results. Plus, the workout can be quite “fun” and is only 30 minutes!”

Ian Mangelsdorf
Operation Manager
Vic Park WA 6100

perth boot camp instructor fat lossPerth boot camp instructor

“Before I had been so unsuccessful with losing the extra weight despite going to other personal trainers in Perth. TC from Get Results Personal Training have been very encouraging and helped me changed my negative mindset that has been holding me back from getting into toned shape and healthy body. I lost 5.6kg and 4% body fat in 12 weeks training with Get Results Personal Training.”

Susanna Staples
Perth Boot Camp Instructor
Nedlands WA 6009

perth weight loss successperth weight lossClick the video Below & Learn What A Satisfied Personal Training client say about us.

Iti Ewart, New Yorker Visiting Perth

perth personal trainer consultation

six pack abs perthsix pack abs in 12 weeks

“I was unmotivated and did not know how to train to get the best results. Not unti I see the trainers from Get Results Personal Training.

With their expert knowledge and indepth research in fitness training, I am able to gain fitness, lose fat and have a flatter gut in 12 short weeks.”

Jason Liong
Perth City WA 6000

nedlands resident lose 6.5kg in 6 weeks

Claire Lost 6.5kg, 4% Bodyfat and a total of 36.5cm off her right arm, right thigh, right calf, abdomen, waist and hips all in 6 weeks.

“I done a lot of cardio before but the weight just refused to shift.”

Claire Lochhead, Engineer, Nedlands Resident

personal training perth successflatter tummyFor years I was doing a combination of programs from health & fitness magazines, and copying what other people did in the gym. I wasted so much time on typical aerobic training, and I didn’t get anywhere in terms of body shape and fitness. After I started with Get Results Personal Training, and using kettlebells, I lost 5kg, gained a flatter stomach, and was able to go from zero bodyweight pull-ups to my personal best of 7 pull ups. I never thought I could ever achieve that!

J. Parham, Pychologist

So How Do We Actually Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

Step 1: Set Up Consultation to find out what do you really want to achieve in terms of your fitness & physical goals

Step 2: Carry Out Measurement & Evaluation to find out your baseline measurement and interpret what your results mean to you and your goals

Step 3: Identify Damaging Lifestyle Habits that are obstacles to your goals and implement necessary changes

Step 4: Customised Best Training Routine That Suits Your Goals

Step 5: Re-assess Your Progress on Monthly Or Fortnightly Basis depending on your training plan

lost 4kg in 2 weekslost 4kg in 2 weeks

“I’m stoked. I know people who train an hour 4 to 5 times a week and never got the same results as I had.”






Chez Morgani, Business Owner

lost 3.3kg in 6 weeks

“I tried losing weight on my own and done those boring cardio on the treadmills but never was successful in terms of getting those extra weight down. But with Get Results Personal Training, they kept me focused on my goals and I’m at the lightest I ever been.

With them, they ensure accountability, make sure the proper training is in place for the best results”

Jocelyn Chua
Leederville, WA

lost 6kg in 12 weeks doing kettlebell trainingLost 6kg doing kettlebell trainingChantell Diederick trains only 3 times 30 minutes each time and nothing else ouside her regular training with us.

“In the past, I have joined gyms (only to pay them for not going), done Pilates and even bought a home gym thinking that by spending the money I’ll force myself to train! But I was wrong.

I have lost 6kg in the last 12 weeks of high intensity interval training, but the weight loss is superficial as I have lost cm’s and built muscle definition. After about 8 weeks people started commenting on how good I look, and boy did I feel great about myself!”

Chantell Diederick

lost 12kg in 12 weeksPerth weight loss“I had tried many ways to lose weight such as diet pills, starvation and weight loss diets. Although I did lose some weight, I’ve never felt this healthy and toned. In fact, I gained more weight back after I stopped taking diet pills.

After seeing the personal trainers at Get Results Personal Training, I realised that managing a healthier lifestyle that includes exercising the smart way and eating the right food allows me to feel healthier and happier. I have lost 12kg of fat in 12 weeks working with them.

Terrace Tiong, Perth Chef

perth personal trainer consultation

Our Perth Personal Training Services Is NOT For Everyone…

I just want to be honest and upfront with you that our fat loss program is NOT for everyone. And it’s the truth and I can understand that there’re people who don’t believe in putting in the effort and choose to believe that there is a magic pill that would make things happen. If you’re looking for quick fixes or short cuts, we’re not for you. Our approach is scientific-based and has been proven to get real people fast and safe results if only you’re 100% committed to getting into the best body shape ever. Plus, we only take on limited number of clients because we only used personal trainers whom we trust and NOT “average”.

Truth About Our Accelerated Fat Loss Programmes

  • The training  will be based on individual’s level and ability and it will be challenging but not impossible
  • When training starts, we mean business there is no mucking around. 
  • You are expected to put in consistent effort to make it work and do not expect results if you keep missing sessions
  • Training are scientific-based and time-tested proven to work 
  • We only accept the most committed clients who are willing to prove to themselves they have what it takes to succeed in our program
  • If You Really Want That Lean, Fit & Athletic Looking Body, NOW Is The Time to Take Action. Call Us Right Now and We Can Start Getting You in the Right Direction by CLICKING on the RED Register Button Below. There is No Tomorrow.


2 Very Important Things You Should Consider Before Hiring A Perth Personal Trainer

Level Of Expertise – When it comes to your body, would you risk it with an “Average” personal trainer who has average experience and knowledge in fitness? It’s like considering going to the cheapest doctor in town if you have a serious ailment. We’re certainly NOT the low end service provider that dish out low end services.

How Much Is Your Health & Looks Worth To You? – If your health and looks don’t mean much to you, please understand that we’re NOT for you. We refused to short-change our customers with mediocre type level of services and expertise. We treat our client’s health, fitness and body with the utmost priority and hate to waste your time. We constantly revolved to be better and improve our skills by going to other experts. And that comes with more expense and our rates are NOT the lowest in Perth.

What we’re saying is…If you’re like us who care for your own personal health, fitness, how you look and refused to settle for mediocre results…Here’s what we can do for you…Call us today at +61430280919 and APPLY for a free consultation at ABSOLUTELY NO COST & RISK and NO OBLIGATION to sign up.



Committed To Your Transformational Success,
T C Lee, Certified Perth Personal Trainer
Get Results Personal Training, Subiaco, Perth WA 6008

+61430 280 919

PS. Remember there is no risk on your part. Your investment is fully protected by our 30-Days MONEY BACK Guarantee. So just click the big yellow button below and start getting the best body in your life.

PSS. If you have read this far and still unsure and still have some doubts and like to know more, please feel free to call me personally on 0430 280 919 or email me at getresultspersonaltraining[at] I’ll personally answer any questions you have.

PSSS. If you have not check out our video at the top, check it out now. You’ll get an idea how our programs work.

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