Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the training cost?

Training fees can vary depending on your personal needs and wants. The rates can be very affordable for the results you can’t get elsewhere. For more information, call 0430 280 919.

I already work out on my own, do I still need a Personal Trainer?

If you haven’t got the results you want and have seen to try everything and don’t seem to work and lack the motivation, having a personal trainer from Get Results PT can help you get to your goals faster with well-designed and progressive training programme. Also, having a well-trained and passionate personal trainer from Get Results PT can provide education, motivation and accountability.

Why should I train with you over other Perth personal trainers? 

Because we deliver better results than most other Perth personal trainers. When it comes to training and our clients’ results and well-being, we mean business. Because we refuse short-change our clients, we are constantly researching and learning from the best on the best way to train you. For real-life proof that our training method works, click success stories.

How long does the session last?

All training sessions last 30 minutes unless the goals are other than fat loss and general all-round fitness.

Is 30 minutes enough for me to get in shape?

Yes 30 minutes training is enough if you come in with the right attitude. We have got and continue to get many of our training clients into great shape with our 30 minutes training. We cut to the chase with our training and there is no “filler” just to make the training session longer than it needs. Our training sessions are designed to boost your metabolism with high intensity training which has been scientifically proven to be the best and most efficient way to lose body fat. When training sessions are done with high intensity effort, the training sessions cannot stretch too far as you would have to scale down your effort to last longer. And you would not be getting the benefits of training at intense effort.

However, we do recommend doing stretching and mobilising exercise before and after training sessions.

Should I be training in the group or one-on-one PT session?

We are of the opinion that most individuals who have been exercising or have some recent exercise history have the ability to participate in our group training sessions. Unless, you have special condition such as previous injuries or health conditions that have been medically diagnosed inappropriate for intense training session in the group setup. In such situations or you are unsure of what you should do, it may be best for you to seek medical advice for clearance then contact us about the possibility of one-on-one personal training services.

Or if you much preferred to have one-on-one attention in your training program due to any other reasons, please complete the online form on this link.

Why do you use primarily kettlebells?

In our opinion, kettlebell is the most versatile strength & fitness tool you can find. Top strength coaches & personal trainers use kettlebells in their training program. Even the Hollywood celebrities use kettlebells. Kettlebell training covers pretty all aspect of fitness such as fat loss, strength, flexibility and cardio fitness. To find out more about why kettlebell training is your simple & yet high efficient way to train at this link.

If you have not heard about the kettlebells, you can find out more at this link.

Do I need to be a gym membership to train?

No. You do not need gym membership to train with us. Training will be conducted in our venue.

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