How I Got Fitter, Stronger & More Prepared For Pregnancy

A guest blogpost by Jessie on how strength training has made her pregnancy easier and her shift in her mindset from focusing on the scale to enjoying lifting and mastering strength lifts to make her body better.

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Why I Did The Stronger For Life Challenge


When it comes to lifting heavy things and building strength, it is often perceived as things reserved for younger people who wants to be buff. The truth is having a respectable level of strength is for everyone and has many advantages such as improved performance of everyday task and improved posture. The most important of all is its anti-ageing effects. And the process of undergoing a well-planned strength training programme will have a positive impact on overall health and physical shape. In our 12-week Stronger For Life Challenge, one of our proud members, Coral Carter, became much more stronger and fitter after 12 weeks and ended up swinging the 24kg kettlebell.

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3 Basic Kettlebell Exercises You Should Focus On

turkish get up

One of the most common problems many people fail to make progress in their kettlebell training or, more accurately, fail to develop strength from the use of kettlebells is not focusing on mastering the 3 basics kettlebell lifts. And the 3 basic kettlebell lifts are kettlebell swings, goblet squats and Turkish Get Up. Although these 3 kettlebell exercises are basic, they are not exactly easy but certainly can help anyone lay a solid foundation in the use of the kettlebell and be a major component of a solid strength & conditioning program. In fact, most people can perform just these 3 exercises for overall health and fitness for a long time without doing anything else.

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How To Do The Goblet Squats

prying squats

Goblet Squats has been widely known to be popularized by the well-known strength coach & Master SFG Dan John and according to him the goblet squats is an excellent exercise to teach the squat pattern. Goblet squats is also great for loosening up tight hips from long hours of sitting and improving hip mobility. BTW,…

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10 Smart Reasons To Start Training With Kettlebells Seriously

why train with kettlebells

You might have seen this tool called kettlebells, tried it a little bit or even heard about it but not too sure whether you should train with it. Maybe  you heard mixed opinions about this tool and you heard some bad things about kettlebells. At our Get Results PT fitness training program such as the…

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Going From Average Fitness to Perth Certified StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor

Frances SFG I Deadlift

One of the biggest fears I often get from ladies is how they may look too manly if they engage in some form of serious strength training which is unfounded of course. And I always point to them how the ladies I trained in the advanced strength training class were every bit looking like a…

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How To Do the Kettlebell Swings Correctly

how to do kettlebell swings

Kettlebell swings can help you develop power, strength and lose fat. But are you doing it right? Make sure you get your swings right by reading this blog post.

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Kettlebell Swings – Why You Should Do Them

If you have not tried the kettlebell swings or have not exactly figured how to do the kettlebell swings, you have missed out on some of the great benefits that comes with this basic exercise in kettlebell training. Although it is a basic kettlebell exercise, there is a lot that the kettlebell swings can do…

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Losing 10kg in 12 Weeks With Kettlebell Training

If you have been curious about kettlebell training and how it can help you achieve high level of fitness, kickstart your fat loss or achieve the type of athletic physiques you want, this blog post about how one of my Perth personal training client lost 10kg in the 12 weeks may give you some insights.

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Kettlebell Training – The KISS Approach To Fat Loss & All-Round Fitness

If you have not heard about the acronym “KISS”, it stands for KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID. Kettlebell training can be your KISS approach to fat loss & all-round fitness if you like to keep things ridiculously simple and yet effective. Why make things complicated when you can cut out the fluff and save you time and energy? If you…

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