5 Weird & Proven Abs Strengthening Exercises For Strong Core Muscles


Done enough sit ups and crunches? In fact, sit ups and crunches have never being proven to reduce tummy fat despite all the abdominal muscle soreness and will not develop a highly functional core. According to Dr Stuart McGill, the primary function of the core is resist motion. And here is the top 5 core building and abs strengthening exercises to resist motion and build you strong ab muscles.

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Why I Did The Stronger For Life Challenge


When it comes to lifting heavy things and building strength, it is often perceived as things reserved for younger people who wants to be buff. The truth is having a respectable level of strength is for everyone and has many advantages such as improved performance of everyday task and improved posture. The most important of all is its anti-ageing effects. And the process of undergoing a well-planned strength training programme will have a positive impact on overall health and physical shape. In our 12-week Stronger For Life Challenge, one of our proud members, Coral Carter, became much more stronger and fitter after 12 weeks and ended up swinging the 24kg kettlebell.

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5 Basic Functional Movement Patterns For A Better Body

push up woman

One of the most common reasons why people never got fitter, stronger and lose more body fat is not moving well enough. To start improving movement quality, you need to start with movement patterns and not get too fancy. And here are the 5 basic functional movement patterns that we recommend anyone to start with.

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3 Basic Kettlebell Exercises You Should Focus On

turkish get up

One of the most common problems many people fail to make progress in their kettlebell training or, more accurately, fail to develop strength from the use of kettlebells is not focusing on mastering the 3 basics kettlebell lifts. And the 3 basic kettlebell lifts are kettlebell swings, goblet squats and Turkish Get Up. Although these 3 kettlebell exercises are basic, they are not exactly easy but certainly can help anyone lay a solid foundation in the use of the kettlebell and be a major component of a solid strength & conditioning program. In fact, most people can perform just these 3 exercises for overall health and fitness for a long time without doing anything else.

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One Arm Kettlebell Swings How To Guide

One arm kettlebell swing

One-arm kettlebell swing has been described by strength guru Pavel Tsatsouline as seriously “anti-fragile” in his landmark book Kettlebell Simple & Sinister. Swinging the kettlebell off one hand comes with an asymmetrical loading that wants to forcefully twist your body to one side. And it takes a focused, determined and strong individual to resist the “twist”. What’s the big deal with this “twist” you may ask? This “twist” not only requires “packing of the working shoulder”, it adds an “anti-rotational” demand to the core muscles to resist rotation by “bracing” for stability in the spine.

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Becoming A Healthier, Leaner & Better Runner in 12 Weeks

happy & pain free runner

When it comes to running, I have never understand why people people do it for the purpose of fat loss. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against running. We all should be able to run because it is certainly a very fundamental human movement we should be able to perform. And if you enjoy running…

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5 Hard Truth About Fat Loss No One Is Telling YOU

hard truth about fat loss

If you have been exercising for awhile for weight loss and seems to have try everything from distance running to kettlebell training and the fat seems too stubborn to leave you, maybe there is a few truth about fat loss no one is telling you that you should know now. Having trained many people, who had failed to lose the stubborn fat, now successfully lose fat and gain fitness at Get Results PT through one-on-one PT and our Stronger For Life 12-weeks Challenge, we can’t helped but noticed that there is a few things about fat loss that stick out.

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How You Should Do Your Push Ups & Make it Better

push ups

Push up is an exceptional exercise in terms of versatility and benefits. It’s an exercise that can be done anywhere with minimal space and accessories (if needed). This bodyweight exercise is not only an excellent upper body strength builder that targets the pec muscles, anterior deltoids and triceps, it also engages the midsection (core muscles) to “link up” both the lower and upper body. However, it is important to get precise techniques in order to get the most benefits out of the push up and below are the steps that will help you make your push up better.

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10 Workout Mistakes That Get You Nowhere

workout mistakes

Nothing is worse than having all your best intention and workout effort go to waste. Or wasting more unproductive workout time and get nowhere with fitness and fat loss. If you are serious about your training and your long term progress, here are the 10 workout mistakes you should avoid.

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Let’s Make It Happen: Strong Is The New Skinny

sfg frances moylan

Guest Blogpost by SFG Frances Moylan You may have heard the phrase in recent years that for females “strong is the new skinny”. I want this to become the norm. Skinny has no practical application in life as does strong. This doesn’t mean I am ‘skinny bashing’, there is always the 1% of society that is naturally very thin…

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