How You Should Do Your Push Ups & Make it Better

push ups

Push up is an exceptional exercise in terms of versatility and benefits. It’s an exercise that can be done anywhere with minimal space and accessories (if needed). This bodyweight exercise is not only an excellent upper body strength builder that targets the pec muscles, anterior deltoids and triceps, it also engages the midsection (core muscles) to “link up” both the lower and upper body. However, it is important to get precise techniques in order to get the most benefits out of the push up and below are the steps that will help you make your push up better.

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10 Workout Mistakes That Get You Nowhere

workout mistakes

Nothing is worse than having all your best intention and workout effort go to waste. Or wasting more unproductive workout time and get nowhere with fitness and fat loss. If you are serious about your training and your long term progress, here are the 10 workout mistakes you should avoid.

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Let’s Make It Happen: Strong Is The New Skinny

sfg frances moylan

Guest Blogpost by SFG Frances Moylan You may have heard the phrase in recent years that for females “strong is the new skinny”. I want this to become the norm. Skinny has no practical application in life as does strong. This doesn’t mean I am ‘skinny bashing’, there is always the 1% of society that is naturally very thin…

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Losing 16.9kg and Getting Stronger in 18 Weeks By Keeping Training Simple [Fat Loss Case Study]

dave double pressing 24kg

One of the best fat loss advice we always tell our clients at Get Results PT is to keep it simple and not overcomplicate things. Start eating less junk food and just stick with basic lifts such as squats, kettlebell swings, presses and pull ups. Don’t get too fancy and try to do too many things…

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5 Reasons Why You Are Still NOT Getting Stronger


If you are still struggling with your 1st pull up or having trouble with putting up with more weights for any given strength-building exercises such as deadlifts or squats for sometime, here are the 5 possible reasons that may potentially hold you back. These are often the reasons I seen in people who don’t make progress in their…

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5 Fat Loss Lies Every Woman Should STOP Believing

weight loss pill

Lie #1: You Need Weight Loss Or Detox Supplements To Lose Fat Every now and then, I get both annoying “friends” and strangers hassling me to sell their doctor-approved MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) Weight Loss Detox supplements to my clients and telling me how it would create financial freedom for me. Very often, these are the…

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How To Do The Goblet Squats

Goblet Squats has been widely known to be popularized by the well-known strength coach & Master SFG Dan John and according to him the goblet squats is an excellent exercise to teach the squat pattern. Goblet squats is also great for loosening up tight hips from long hours of sitting and improving hip mobility. BTW,…

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10 Smart Reasons To Start Training With Kettlebells Seriously

why train with kettlebells

You might have seen this tool called kettlebells, tried it a little bit or even heard about it but not too sure whether you should train with it. Maybe  you heard mixed opinions about this tool and you heard some bad things about kettlebells. At our Get Results PT fitness training program such as the…

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Why You Need to Get Stronger

why you need to get stronger

If you are one of those people who wants to get fitter and lose fat but don’t care about getting stronger, you may have completely missed the point of training to get strong. Stronger just makes everything else easier be it fat loss, overall general fitness or athletic performance. And it is especially so when…

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Top 5 Hip Stretches For Better Hip Movement

split against the wall

If you sit down alot for work or having trouble squatting properly, the chances are your hips are tight and may not move as well as you like. Having tight hips can negatively impact both exercise & athletic performance and sometimes compromise exercise safety. If you feel that you lack the power in doing heavy…

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