About This Rock Star Fitness Membership

1. It's a FULL YEAR TRAINING/COACHING Membership Better Than Any Of Big Box Fitness Gym membership

I know it's a big claim here because you might think I don't even have half or even a quarter of the equipments found in those big fitness chains. And you are damn right on that. But I can confidently say I got more people in better shape in terms of percentage of people training in our facility. Seriously, what's the point of having all the latest & sophisticated training gadgets if you're not seriously getting into better shape? I have seen people stuck in the same shape for months and years having 24 hour access to all kinds of fitness equipments that supposedly work all the "trouble spots" you can think of.

Isn't getting into better shape, health and fitness the main reasons why people are exercising? Having the coolest gym membership that gives you full access to all sorts of classes and latest contraption shouldn't be the main reason why you exercise.

If you are training elsewhere or just started with us or done enough goofing around and getting nowhere with your training, you got to check out some of our proof how our cutting edge training approach using only kettlebells & barbells got our clients in top shape on our website at this link: http://www.tcpersonaltraining.com/.

Seriously, isn't RESULTS what you after? Not the fancy gym membership or the latest fitness equipments.

2. Time-Tested Proven Training Method & Top Notch Coaching

Anyone who have trained with me long enough knows that I am 110% dedicated to my clients' success. Because of this and I just refused to short-changed my clients, I am constantly seeking to improve my methods by learning from the best and testing stuff out.

3. What's In Included in This Rock Star Membership?

- 12 Months of Unlimited Access to All Our Classes Except the Advanced Classes Unless Invited (To attend Advanced Class, you have to achieve the required advanced fitness & mobility & be injury free)

- Minimal Monthly Physiques Measurement Upon Request

- NO Additional Fee for Doing Our 6 & 12 Week Leaner Fitter Stronger Challenge

- Nutritional Support

- My 110% COMMITMENT To Get You Into The Best Shape in 12 Months BUT the condition is YOU do have to give me your 110% COMMITMENT as well. Missing sessions, bad training attitude (thinking you know it all) and not following our DIRECTIONS is not gonna cut it

- My Best Customer Care

- Our NO MUCKING AROUND Training Approach (We are no Amateurs)

- Membership Is NON-Transferable Or Strictly Cannot Be Extended

4. FULL YEAR PAID Upfront Group Training Membership

Yes it is a FULL YEAR PAID upfront membership but you are NOT going to pay anything close to 12 months x $300 = $3600 which only gives you access to 3 times a week of group classes.

It will be a one-time fee of $2399 (GST included) and nothing else to pay for. And again you get access to all classes except the advanced classes unless invited. In my opinion, it's a great deal considering the fact that it's a proven training method with a high rate of success.

If you break up into 12 months, you are paying $208.25 per month of top notch training. Sure.... joining a 24/7 fitness gym down the road is way more cheaper than us but I can tell you there's no comparison.

The 24/7 fitness gym may give you all the tools but there is no support, proven method and directions and nobody cares if you actually show up or get in shape.

With our Rock Star Membership, it's 12 months of top notch coaching you will get that got many of our clients in great shape. The truth is you pay for what you get and I believe with Rock Star our membership you are definitely paying less and you are getting more out of it.

5. Limited to 5 Spots & Registration Will Be Considered on a Case-by-Case Basis

We will be limiting this Rock Star Membership to 5 persons and will be open until 14 April 2014 and will be closed then no matter what.

All registration will be considered on a case-by-case even though you might be currently training with us.

The main reason being we have to make sure we are the right fit and in your best interest we need to ensure that you will be the best candidate to get the best value out of this Rock Star Membership. So Membership is NOT guaranteed even if you pay up now.

If you think you are the best candidate to grab this memnbership, you can secure a spot by "HITTING" the blue Button below. But membership is not guaranteed until consideration has been made. If we are not good fit, refund will be promptly made.

rockstarpayment button

Alternatively, you can call me on 0430 280 919 to pay via Credit Card over the phone